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Lock Bumping

Homes at risk with advice on internet
Apr 10, 2008
"...homeowners are at risk of being burgled because videos giving blow-by-blow accounts of how to defy door locks are being posted on the internet..."

YouTube Fuels New Threat To Household Security
Apr 15, 2008
"Social networking sites such as YouTube are fuelling home burglaries across the UK as they feature detailed footage of how to break into a property in seconds, using the new ‘bumping’ and ‘molegrip’ methods."

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The Global Gang

FBI to aid in gang task force
Apr 7, 2008
"...we are beginning to see more and more evidence of gangs, such as MS13..."

Police defuse gang fight
Apr 2, 2008
"...the brawl appeared to involve MS13 members and another unknown street gang..."

Why Illegal Immigration is a Threat to the United States
Apr 1, 2008
"...gangs like (MS13) constitute most of the crime from the ranks of the illegals."

Street gangs that cross borders
Apr 3, 2008
"MS-13 - or Mara Salvatrucha - is the biggest and fastest-growing of the Latin American street gangs."

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With recent world events, the Workplace Violence program should be of extreme interest to all companies and required for all employees to help assure a safe and secure workplace.
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An 11 year old girl abducted in less than 20 seconds and she does nothing to try to get away. All parents need to see this! She was dead 3 hours later! Read More

Always have a plan:
Mom ditches daughter during knife attack:

Read more about child safety

After [Officer Cain's] lecture on Friday, my family on Saturday 06 DEC 03 was attacked by a dog & 2-3 perpetrators in our driveway when we got out of our vehicle after returning home. The driveway was dark & the perpetrators were lying down behind the one bush near my home. My wife had gone to the door, followed by 3 of my 5 children when I heard male voices. I walked to the front of my van when the dog came out aggressively barking at me. I shouted to get the dog off me, when the perpetrators welled “get him”. The dog lunged out & bit me on the leg when I reactively pulled out the non-lethal chemical spray (I had purchased the day before, after Officer Cain’s training), and shot one blast. The dog dropped, I helped escort my family to safety & the 2-3 perpetrators ran off choking & coughing. 911 was called and the sheriff investigated. The dog was located & animal control is conducting a case. I can attest to the fact that the spray worked on an aggressive dog and 15 ft out because the perpetrators were that far behind the bush. Thanks for your assistance in crime awareness/prevention.

—B. C. Downs, LCDR 
United States Coast Guard (G-MPP-3)
Port Security Assessment Team

National Crime Prevention Task Force is an independent task force of present and former law enforcement professionals that was founded in 1992, by several officers from various law enforcement agencies and departments from around the southeast. All of the highly trained instructors at National Crime Prevention are crime prevention specialists, who receive continuous training and constantly research and evaluate current crime trends. Their research assists them in developing the best and most effective crime prevention tactics and procedures applicable to today's lifestyle, and in eliminating outdated tactics that could prove to be dangerous in today's world. Our task force and our instructors work closely with other law enforcement agencies and crime prevention specialists in the southeast, exchanging information on the most recent types of crimes, cons and scams, in order to provide you with the most up to date information available regarding regional crime trends and crime prevention. 

The instructors at National Crime Prevention Task Force travel the entire country, educating the employees and members of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, colleges, universities, schools (K-12), hospitals, banks, law firms, manufacturing plants, real estate agencies, insurance companies, government agencies and other organizations, about crime prevention and personal safety awareness. The Task Force offers three workshops: its FREE Street Smart Seminar, which covers crime prevention and personal safety awareness whether you are at home, work or out at the mall; and its fee-based seminars-"Workplace Violence", designed for middle to upper management in virtually any business setting, and "Gang Identification", designed for schools and school boards, or corporate managers seeking to learn information to use when screening and selecting candidates for employment.

All of us at National Crime Prevention believe that education is the key to minimizing your chance of falling victim to criminal predators and not participating in your own victimization. All of us at the Task Force are dedicated to educating the public about the most recent crimes, cons and scams being committed by today's criminal, raising public awareness levels so that individuals immediately will be able to identify signs of trouble, and instructing the public on some of the best and most effective crime prevention tactics and measures used to prevent or if necessary, react to a harmful situation. The question to ask yourself is whether you are comfortable that the employees or members in your organization would know the best tactics to use if ever they were attacked. Our programs can and will provide them with this valuable information and will have a direct, positive affect on their personal safety. Please click on the links above or to the left of your screen to learn more about our Task Force or the educational programs that we have to offer.

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